by Rudi Goblen
305 One Festival, 2017
Miami Light Project, 2016
YoungArts, 2016
Broward College, 2015

Miami Light Project, 2013

Summer Shorts:


by Scott Gibson


by Bekah Brunstetter

City Theatre, 2018

Ubu Rex

by Alfred Jarry, translated by David Copelin
KCACTF Region 4 Festival, 2018
Florida International University, 2017

Ubu Rex 27.JPG

The Spider

adapted from  Паякът by Йордан Славейков и Димитър Касабов
Alternative Theater Festival/FIU, 2017


A Stitch in Time

by Susan Westfall
The Jewish Museum of Florida

All My Sons

by Arthur Miller
Florida International University, 2017

DSC_0490 (2).JPG

Ringing True

by Rebecca Fletcher
Willow Theater (Boca Raton), 2017                                                          
Miami Theater Center, 2016


dancetheater by Lazaro Godoy
Miami Theater Center, 2016

Choreographing a Rape Scene to Go into a Feminist Play

by Ann Gillespie
Alternative Theatre Festival/FIU, 2016


opera by Hans Krása
Orchestra Miami, 2016

Kingdom City

by Sheri Wilner
Florida International University, 2015

Exile Jesus Starbucks   

by Michael Yawney
Miami Light Project: Here & Now, 2015

Noye's Fludde

by Benjamin Britten
Orchestra Miami, 2015

Juanita's Statue

by Anne Garcia-Romero  
Florida International University, 2014

A sunny world of emotional darkness. 

Catherine's Wheel  

by Juan C. Sanchez
Alternative Theater Festival/FIU, 2014            


by Stephen Greenblatt and Charles Mee
Florida International University, 2013

A Thousand Years

by Kenny Finkle
Alternative Theater Festival/FIU, 2013

This play was full of impossible scenes. Characters fell off mountains, were pursued by tsunamis, and blasted off into outer space--all in the service of a story about the enduring power of love. Four actors and five chairs made the impossible possible.

photo: Amanda Sparhawk

The Liar  

by Pierre Corneille (adapted by David Ives)
Florida International University, 2013

Amahl and the Night Visitors

by Gian Carlo Menotti
Orchestra Miami, 2012

An American Soldier's Tale  

by Kurt Vonnegut and Igor Stravinsky
Orchestra Miami, 2012

As the Globe Warms

by  Heather Woodbury        
Vortex Theater, Austin, TX, 2012                                      
Disney Concert Hall/REDCAT, L.A., CA, 2012

Alternative Theater Festival/FIU, 2012

Twelve-hour long serial solo performance                

The House of the Spirits

by Caridad Svich (from the novel by Isabel Allende)
KCACTF Region 4 Festival, 2013

Florida International University, 2012

KCACTF, Distinguished Production
KCACTF, Distinguished Direction


Something Something Uber Alles  

by Assurbanipal Babilla                                             
Iranian Theater Festival/New York, 2011
Anti-Theater/Miami, 2010

The Ruby Sunrise

by Rinne Groff                             
Florida International University, 2011

Blithe Spirit    

by Noel Coward                                    
Florida International University, 2009

The Birds    

adapted from Aristophanes by Len Jenkin               
Florida International University, 2009

What Does Your Hair Mean?

created by the ensemble
Florida International University, 2008                                      

The Laramie Project 

by Moises Kaufman                  
Nova Southeastern University, 2007

Three Angels Dancing on a Needle

by Assurbanipal Babilla
The Brick/New York, 2007

Square Peg Productions/Miami, 2006
Production won an unprecedented four “Best of Miami” awards from Miami New Times, including Best Theatrical Production of 2007. On tour, the production won a Best Foreign Language Production award at the Brick Theater’s Pretentious Festival.


by Lynn Nottage                                      
Public Theatre of South Florida, 2006

Widows Walk

by Christopher Renstrom                   
On the Boards, 2003

Julius Caesar

On the Boards, 2003

The Merry Wives of Windsor                                     

Hollywood Shakespeare Festival, 2003

The Way of the World

by William Congreve              
On the Boards, 2003

Julius Caesar

Hollywood Shakespeare Festival, 2002

Tango Fusion                                                             

Stepping Out Productions, 2000
Reviewed by the New York Times as the “happiest celebration of [tango] to arrive in this city [New York] in a long time”

The Disabilities Project

(Assistant Director)              
The Other Theater, 2000

Assisted Joseph Chaikin and composer Liz Swados in creating an original work on the lives of disabled performers.

Killa Vanilla

by Brian Woodbury                                 
BMI Musical Theater Workshop, 2000

The Duchess of Malfi

by John Webster                     
Columbia University, 1999


by Tara Knell                                          
Columbia University, 1998


by Anne Moore                                           
Pittsburgh Performance Art Festival, 1996

The Husband of My Mother

by John Steinkamp      
Indiana University, 1995


by Christopher Renstrom                         
Ensemble Studio Theater, 1995

Lesbian Cheek

by Honor Kane                                  
T.W.E.E.D./Vineyard Theater, 1994

Bad Clean Fun    

concert/play featuring Washboard Jungle
Here, 1994

The Opposite Sex                           

Serial based on Clare Boothe’s The Women and Mart Crowley’s Boys in the Band 
Dixon Place, 1993

The Best of All Washable Worlds

Concert/play featuring Washboard Jungle
Downtown Art Co., 1992


by Heather Woodbury                              
Henry St. Settlement , 1992


concert/play featuring Washboard Jungle
Downtown Art Co., 1991

El Dorado

by Teresa Celsi                                         
Serialized history of Hollywood in five weekly episodes
Bad Neighbors Ltd., 1991

Sedewick Downing Harbor

by Christopher Renstrom
Bad Neighbors Ltd., 1991

Bad Neighbors Return   

A six-part serial drama by Deb Margolin, Madeleine Olnek, Georg Osterman and Heather Woodbury
Bad Neighbors Ltd/Dixon Place. 1990

The Monk

by Christopher Renstrom                         
Bad Neighbors Ltd., 1990

Swiss Army Theater

Serial performance from writings by G. Gordon Liddy, Baudelaire, Shirley MacLaine, Chekhov, Anita Bryant, Judy Carne, and others
ABC No Rio, 1989-1992

Try! Try!

by Frank O'Hara                                         
ABC No Rio, 1989

Beauty and the Beast

by Michael Yawney               
Dàk Theater, 1988


by Frank Wedekind (in six weekly installments)
Bad Neighbors Ltd. , 1988     

Lives of the Saints

developed by the company         
Bad Neighbors Ltd., 1987

Pink Vinyl/Blue Guitar

by Teresa Celsi, Bill Marsillii, and Michael Yawney
Bad Neighbors Ltd., 1986

Red and Shining

from the writings of John Webster    
Bad Neighbors Ltd., 1986

Antonio and Mellida

by John Marston                      
Bad Neighbors Ltd., 1985